The Village Symbol

Hahengakure (破片) (Hidden Shards Village)

Simple InfoEdit

Village Symbol: の

Shadokage: Hashirama Uddo

Ninja Ranks: Shadokage, ANBU, Jonin, Chunin, Genin, Student

Ninja gear: The Vests for Chunin/Jonin are Generally a Crystal Blue, and look mostly like The hidden sand's. The Anbu wear blank mask's with the village marking on the forhead, also the masks are designed like Madara's new one (In structure, there are no holes for the eyes or additinal markings)

Traditions: The Hahen people celebrate special holidays like Senzo no kioku-bi, the day they celebrate their ancestory.

Holidays celebrated: New years, spring festival, summer festival, harvest festival, winter festival, Senzo no kioku-bi, Festival of the wolf, Festival of Carnige

Customs: All people are equal, and take equal parts in the community, clans are not divided and the govornment is hospitibale to it's country.

Allied Villages: Yorugakure (Village hidden in the Night - 夜)

Enemy Villages: All other villages are deemed Enemies.

Clans: Genji Clan, Uinzu Clan (風), Hono Clan (炎), Uddo Clan (ウッド), Uranaishi clan (占い師)


Long ago, a man named Gantetsu Uinzu was banned from his village for the false accusation of mass theft. At the first portion of his journey he was lonely, however he eventually found friendship, and an adoptive family. 3 years after his banishment he started a small town he called Kakuho , meaning secure. The small town eventually flourished with people, from the hospitality and wealth of the small town. The small town, over time, became Hahengakure, earning this name because of the crystals that mysteriously started growing out the building wall's and the ground (On the outside). Presently Hahengakure is flourishing with life, and the country is still expanding. The 6th Shadokage, and the present shadokage is Hashirama Uddo.