Tools- Puppet: Scorpion, Puppet: Black Ant, Cloak of Forming (A Chakra woven cloak with a large hood, used by Scorpion putting the hood on allows the puppet to take the form of anyone)

Jutsu Type: Genjutsu

Description: Abido Bazo is a technique created by Sanji Uchiha (alt story: older brother of Tatsuo Uchiha). Sanji uses his sharingan to warp Time & Space to merge with his Puppet Scorpion (Hidden Technique: Lifeless Bonding). Then he uses Shadow Clone Jutsu to clone it. He uses the Cloak of Forming on the Scorpion Clone, to take his true form while planting Blank Ant under a specific area in the ground. The inside of Black Ant becomes a void, completely under his control. Once capturing his targets he will terminate the Scorpion Clone (which is made to fool the Ninja into attacking the Clone disquised as Sanji). Once the capture is complete Sanji wrapp's Black Ant with Scorpion's large Wire in order to prevent anyone on the outside to sense the Chakra on the inside of Black Ant. In addition, if one were to check the inside's by looking through the creace's they would see an empty cavity, another effect of Abido Bazo. It's final ability is to enable the user to channel the Chakra of that in which was taken in by Black ant, and use it's Jutsu.

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