Nakamua Clan


"If you are confused do not think." - Sato Nakamura


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Anime, Manga


Hahengakure-18x10 Icon Hahengakure

Kekkei Genkai

Enhanced sight and night vision

Known Members

Sato Nakamura (founder, deceased)

Mizore Nakaura

Jaden Nakamura

Raizen Nakamura

Nakamura Clan (中村)


The Nakamura Clan Appeared from thin air 500 Years before Part I. The clan members vary in Chakra Natures, and Release types (by Chakra nature of course). The Nakamura Clan had a habbit of starting fueds with other clans, and fighting over territory. The Nakamura Clan slowly became more civilized, however all but 7 were killed by the Akatsuki. 2 of the remaining 7 were killed by a wolf, these 2 were Raiden Nakamura's parents.



The Nakamura Clan had a few Sage Types, but not just anyone could become one of them. They must have Special Chakra.

Iron SageEdit

-Steel Release or Ember Release- (Ninjutsu & Taijutsu) Locking Style, Carving Style, Hammer Style

Gem SageEdit

-Crystal Release, Frost Release, Steam Release or Ember Release- (Ninjutsu & Taijutsu) Emerald Style, Sapphire Style, Amethyst Style, Onyx Style

Shadow SageEdit

-Dusk Release, Shadow Release, Darkness Release, Nightmare Release- Cold Blood, Darkness Style, Returning to Hell, Nightmare Style

Kekkei GenkaiEdit

The Nakamura Clan's Kekkei Genkai is a variety of Chakra Natures and Release Types, some specific to it's wielder (Like Dusk Release).

Fire NatureEdit

Blaze Release, Hyper Pyro Release, Ember Release, Steam Release

Lightning NatureEdit

Hollow Release, Cloud Release, Thunderstorm Release

Wind NatureEdit

Cyclone Release, Cutter Release

Earth NatureEdit

Boulder Release, Sand Release, Crystal Release, Steel Release

Water NatureEdit

Mist Release, Ice Release, Steam Release

Sage TechniquesEdit

Locking Box: Sudhuo Rising Flame

Carving Style: Great-X

Hammer Style: Gravitational Slam

Emerald Style: Emerald Drago Corps

Sapphire Style: Blue Phoenix Frenzy

Amethyst Style: Grand Cage

Onyx Style: Demon Snake

Cold Blood Scimitar Thrust

Darkness Style: Infinite Darkness Stangle

Returning to Hell: Demon's Drop Kick

Nightmare Style: Poison Haze