Oyanagi Clan

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Clan Symbol

"Silent runs the clouds. We, as the Oyanagi are as silent as the clouds." -Higumo Oyanagi


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Anime, Manga



Kekkei Genkai

A birth defect that kills almost 9 in10 Oyanagi babies

Known Members

Higumo Oyanagi (founder, deceased)

Kokumo Oyanago (founder, deceased)

Asato Oyanagi (first yumakage, co-founder, deceased)

Miki Takano-Oyanagi (Asato's wife, married into clan, deceased)

Taki Oyanagi (child of Asato, deceased)

The Oyanagi Clan is one of the main clans of Yumakure; an OC village created by Osaki Suzuki of Deviantart. It is the smallest clan of Yumakure and it doesn't have much of a roll in the ninja arts.


Founding of the ClanEdit

The Oyanagi Clan was founded by a small family five years before the founding of Yumakure. Higumo Oyanagi, his wife Kokumo and their son Asato were living further down the mountain to where the village was to be founded. They got attacked by traveling bandits often and Asato quickly learned how to defend his parents. He turned 28 the year Yumakure was founded, he banded together his family and many others that him and his parents knew and founded the village known as Yumakure.

Early StagesEdit

The early stages of the clan are of little note. Asato married a woman by the name Miki Takano. As Yumakage, Asato gave his clan the official clan status and a tiny compound near the top of the village. Asato developed the Cloud release jutsu styles during this time.

Pre NarutoEdit

Again nothing much of note here. Asato and Miki wound up having only two children, one of whom died due to a rare birth defect. Miki was devistated and decided to never have children again. The survivor, a girl named Taki, grew up and learned that she would have a hard time getting pregnant; as would any Oyanagi. Asato, the clan head, was devistated. He put in place a rule that you may only give birth to one child, be it male or female, to save the heart break of any Oyanagi females.


Kekkei GenkaiEdit

It is a horrible bloodline trait, but, any Oyanagi woman will only have a 1 in 10 chance of being able to get pregnant with a heathy baby.

Fighting styleEdit

Cloud releaseEdit

Cloud release is a jutsu style that combines water and wind chakra styles. It's main function is obscure the user from the opponents line of sight. It's other use is to create cloud clones; weapons and humans alike.

They also use Ice release as well.



The names of aby Oyanagi are usually short and don't have any real emebelishment.


Woman and men can marry as they will, just not to people outside the village.


Children of the Oyanagi grow up without any siblings and if they do choose to become ninjas, they have a hard time scocilizing with others.


They only have two jobs in the village, you may become a ninja if you choose but otherwise you become a merchant and learn to craft something. It is usually textile related, like weaving fabric or making decorative cording.