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Chapter 1: Part 1: Introductions mean nothing in war

Chapter 1: Part 2: Kisame's Secret Mission

Chapter 1: Part 3: Rescue Mission Cara!

Chapter 1Edit

Part 1: Introductions mean nothing in warEdit

A man wearing a black robe with red clouds, a slashed out Kiri Headband, and massive wrapped sword carrying a woman wearing a Konoha headband was running through the forest of death quickly towards tea country. His teeth razor sharp, his skin blue, his eyes daring, the Ninja made his way quickly through the tree's, while evading projectiles being launched by another Leaf Ninja with sharingan wearing gray battle armor. The two were in hot-pursuit, and as the missing-nin realized his chances of escape had gone from little to none, he stopped, dropped his captive and pointed his sword to the mysterious follower from Konoha. “I'm impressed.. It's unfortunate that you were able to catch up to me before I reached the border. I'm Kisame Hoshigaki.” The Konoha shinobi didn't seem at all interested in the mans name. “Why do you want her?” He asked. “We don't want the girl. We want you Kagemaru.” he replied coldly. “We?”, “Ooh yes. My partner is right inside the border of Tea Country waiting for my arrival with the girl, and you. Of course, we are only interested in the power you possess. Our organizations goal is to capture your beast. But Itachi has a certain reason to capture you of his own. “. Kagemaru took a moment to analyze what he had heard, and his eyes opened wide once he realized who his partner Itachi was. “Itachi Uchiha?” he asked. “Indeed.”, “Then I already know what is going to happen to me if I am captured by the likes of you. Itachi will still my sharingan, and the Akatsuki will gain control of the Zero Tails. Though I don't see what you could use it's power for. You alone cannot defeat me. And getting Cara back will be easy enough against just you.”. Kisame had a sadistic smile on his face. He found it amusing that his opponent would so boldly, so foolishly claim he could easily overpower one of the Seven Swordsman of the Mist. “I am not just some low ranking Ninja.. I am an S-Rank Missing-nin, member of the Seven Swordsman of the Mist, and list towards the top ranks in the Akatsuki! I'm going to prove to you just how strong I really am.”

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OC-O Original Rights Aquired Sub-OC
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