War Brings Sorrow is about spme of my other OC's, the ones I won't have in Road to Peace. It follows a different storyline during generally the same era. Some reffrences of Road to Peace and it's characters will be mentioned in this.

Canon CharactersEdit

Zabuza Momochi


Kimimiaro Kaguya







Madara Uchiha


Kisame Hoshigaki

Itachi Uchiha





Kakashi Hatake


Hanzo the Salamander

More TBD

--Genin Arc (Preview)--Edit

It’s true you know, War does bring sorrow. My clan; my village is safe for now because our village is under ground. But we will still no doubt be affected by it. I continue to beg my parents and the Haganekage but they all said I must remain in the village where it’s safe. I’m tired of being treated like a kid, like an academy student. I may only be a Genin, but I am a Ninja and I want to fight the akatsuki, and stop this stupid war!

Explosions, dirt is falling from our oh-so great Iron shield. It’s cracked, and ready to collapse. “I’m not standing around anymore! I don’t want to die from hiding under a collapsing Iron Shield; I want to die by trying to protect my people! Even our Haganekage is too much of a cowered to go out there! But I’ll go! You cannot stop me!” I shouted at the top of my lungs, the sound of my voice echoed throughout the crumbling village. I run to the village exit, however I was cut off by my older brother Akira. “Stop being an idiot Shon!” He kicked me in the face tossing me into the concrete wall of a home. Just what we need, more crumbling…. I fell to the ground and my brother picked me up and threw me again. “You don’t think brother, that’s your mistake”. The villagers around us just watched in Awe that my older brother would be so brutal, but to be honest I hardly felt it. Though I was a Genin I was known as a strong ninja throughout my village, only my brother was stronger; that is the reason I don’t fight back.